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[11 Sep 2006|10:09pm]

Hi, fellow writers. I've created a community specifically for children's book writers and illustrators. Whether successful or aspiring, please feel free to share your success stories, frustrations, tips, and accomplishments at writingforkids! Hope to see you there.
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Want extensive feeback on your writing? [02 Apr 2006|03:45pm]

Want your writing judged by a pro?

miss_critic is accepting submissions
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Poetry fans! :) :) [04 Jun 2005|05:19pm]


My grandmother's dying wish was to publish a book of her poetry, and the day before she died she was told from the publisher that her dream was going to come true. 2 months after she passed away, the book is published.

If we sell 500 hardcopy books, it will appear on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. So please, consider buying this book. It truley is amazing, and it would mean alot to the memory of my Nanny.

I think this book is amazing. It is poetry about spirituality, love, and life. I have grown up around my grandmothers poetry, and I have always found it so emotionally moving and inspiring. I honestly think that others will love it just as I have.


One Light by Norma Hantson
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Only one entry so far, but I like it. Inspired by Perks of Being a Wallflower. [26 Feb 2005|12:27pm]


Journals of the Simple MindedCollapse )

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[25 Jan 2005|08:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]


I'm Specs, and I'm planning on posting my short story here for some real overhaul, so I just want to make myself known.


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looking for writers and artists ~ ! [09 Aug 2004|11:07am]

hi everyone ~ i'm looking to hook up with people interested in historical or literary fiction and artists of all stripes!

i am an administrator at LookingLand <~ which is a community for artists and writers and we're always looking for new peeps interested in sharing their craft, their ideas, their faith, whatever gets them excited. stop by and visit with us ~ have a cup of tea.

i'm a novelist myself and always up for sharing critiques, etc.

; )
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BING! [16 Feb 2004|10:09pm]

[ mood | okay ]

So this I wrote a while back.. and it was just kinda random spure of the momement thing.. I usually dont write stories cause my mind goes faster than I can type and yeah I just never finish them. any way it's short.. and kinda not me.. but eh I think its ok for randomness.

Kill or Be KilledCollapse )

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Another story up for comment [20 Jan 2004|11:10pm]

[ mood | creative ]

The Troubled Sky

Here is a story I started a year ago...I haven't touched it since. It works well as a short story however, I'd like to use what I have as the preface for a much larger story. Any comment is welcome! Thank you!


P.S. This link should lead you straight to the story itself. If you like what the first page shows, click at the bottom to continue to the rest of the story. Thanks!


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Story [19 Jan 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | curious ]

This is a story I started working on, The "Task"/Idea was given to me by a friend- To be a first person narritive of a boy who finds his way into the forest. I haven't gotten to the forest part yet though.
I started writing this and it ended up I wanted to make this into a full blown novel. So far I've already created a whole world, gods, characters, timeline, etc in my head. This story takes place back in the fantasy times of magic and dragons.

If any of you have any criticism, ideas, or thought on what you would want to see next, feel free to do so.
(I remind you that it had to be in a first person narritive =/)

So here it is..! The beginning prelude-

Javrith The YoungCollapse )

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