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So this I wrote a while back.. and it was just kinda random spure of the momement thing.. I usually dont write stories cause my mind goes faster than I can type and yeah I just never finish them. any way it's short.. and kinda not me.. but eh I think its ok for randomness.

He blinked his eyes and opened them slowly; everything was blurry and distorted. His hands were wrapped tightly around something warm and yielding to his touch. All he could hear was angry growls and the sound of someone struggling to breathe. His vision slowly became clear and he looked upon the pretty face of a young girl, pretty blue eyes filled with tears and black hair but her mouth was shaped horribly in a gasping O, he realized hands were on her throat and they were his. The angry growls were coming from his mouth and he gasped and dropped the girl. He stumbled back as the girl sucking in air crawled back from him as far as she could against a wall. He turned from the girl in confusion, behind him was a door filled with the night sky. He ran the cold air hit him and awakened him more. He ran faster, unsure of where he was and why he had been trying to kill the pretty girl in the room. He remembered a car...was the girl in the car, he wasnt sure. Hed been driving and there was laughter. But whos laughter and why?

He turned the corner and suddenly a car was beside him. The window rolled down and someone shouted "Stop running you idiot." He stopped, breathing heavily he looked to the window to see a heavy man in suit with dark hair and dark eyes. "Why the hell didnt you kill that bitch?" the man shouted at him. He swallowed hard and said, "Why would I want to kill her? I dont even know who she is!" "Of course you dont know who she is, youre not suppose to and you should have killed cause thats what I paid you to do!" The man shot back. He bowed his head and tried to remember. When he looked back the man was holding a gun aimed right at him. He gasped and turned to run but he was too late. The man pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet exploded through the kids head, splattering brains and skull on the sidewalk. The body fell in a crumpled mess. The man rolled up his window and said, "Drive."
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