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This is a story I started working on, The "Task"/Idea was given to me by a friend- To be a first person narritive of a boy who finds his way into the forest. I haven't gotten to the forest part yet though.
I started writing this and it ended up I wanted to make this into a full blown novel. So far I've already created a whole world, gods, characters, timeline, etc in my head. This story takes place back in the fantasy times of magic and dragons.

If any of you have any criticism, ideas, or thought on what you would want to see next, feel free to do so.
(I remind you that it had to be in a first person narritive =/)

So here it is..! The beginning prelude-

~The Diary Of Javrith The Young~
Date: 46 Days Of The Second Solstice-
Age Of Lurian

My name is Javrith, Resident of the town Masor.
I am but a simple young boy under my mentor and also my grandfather Beluldar. My grandfather is the blacksmith of this town, and quite the one at that. He was once an adventurer at a time and has traveled all over this realm in search of gold, treasure, and learned from the finest blacksmith's in the lands. One keepsake he keeps above on his wall is a very beautiful, yet very sharp sword that was crafted by the hands of Bagan- The glorious and most respected blacksmith of these lands. Grandfather's told me many stories of Bagan and himself. Grandfather used to apprentice to Bagan back in the town of Vamli. His skill at the forge is very astounding, but grandfather doesn't make order's for such weapons- at least not in these parts. Although every once in a while a fair nobleman or a rich adventurer will come through and request such a nice blade.
I often wish I could adventure, but grandfather always chuckles and tells me I'm just to young. "Perhaps someday Javrith you will, but for now we have much work to finish and must get these orders out quick". I hate being grandfather's apprentice at times, I always have to run the goods to the customers. Every other kid I see around here is just out playing with the other kids, never working, never a care in the world; While I'm stuck in here running orders back and forth. Grandfather always says it's good for me, that someday I'll understand.
Lately we have been quite busy. There has been some robberies going on with the trading caravans passing through the Dokomari Mountains. Merchants and the local townsfolk have been alarmed by these recent happenings and have taken it to themselves to buy some protection. Even some of the woman I have seen carrying weapons around the town..

I've heard rumors from some of the customers that some of the militia has been gathered to check the hills a couple of days ago, and nobody has heard from them yet. I wonder what's going to be done about this.. Everytime I ask grandfather he just says that he loves the buisness and there's nothing to worry about..
He's been acting very strange lately..

Anyhow I must get back to work, Grandfather is calling again.

Date: 49 Days Of The Second Solstice-
Age Of Lurian

Alright. Things are really starting to scare me.. I awoke today with grandfather in a panic and he looked as if he had no sleep at all last night. I keep asking him what's wrong and he never answers me back, and even stranger yesterday he refused to take anymore orders, selling the last of the daggers and shortswords he had stored in the back. Fimble the hobbit, my grandfather's long time friend from Clothing Shop, came in and I was asked to leave the room by grandfather. I did as I was told and went up the stairs.. only about half way though..
I couldn't hear much, but as soon as I left the room Fimble immedietly started shouting in a paniced voice. I could only catch a few scattered words of the conversation. I did hear a name.. a name that I recognized.. Darcomas. Darcomas was once the head of the Masor Militia, but was dismissed as the head commander and even exiled out of town for his plot to kill Lord Greavis. What would Dorcomas be back for? He was told strictly that if he was ever seen in this town again, his blood was going to be shed. I moved down the stairs some more and then I heard it-
"Darcomas said that if he hasn't recieved it by the break of night, Greavis will have hell to pay!"; " and the word on the streets is Lord Greavis thinks nothing of the threats and will do nothing in response to it!".
Just as he was talking I saw grandfather come to the bottom of the stairs and looked me directly in the eyes. He was angry and shouted for me to go upstairs. I immediately ran up to my room where I began to think about these recent happenings. What is going on in Masor? Why is everybody buying weapons?
Grandfather came up later and asked me what all I heard. I told him all I heard as he sat there scowling at me.. He paused for a few moments and told me that he wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen, but he was going to leave tonight with Fimble and a few other's and wanted me to stay inside. I couldn't take it- I asked to go with him, begged to go with him. I couldn't stay here alone and watch over the place if something were to go wrong. He said no. That danger is no place for a boy my age. He told me not to worry, that everything was going to be alright.
Here it is, hours before nightfall- and I sit here wondering what the night will bring. Was Darcomas just bluffing? Is grandfather going to be ok? I can't help but to be frightened and nervous. Im shaking and trembling, and grandpa has been moving around all night going in and out of the house and going through his chests.


As nightfall grew closer I began to feel a lot more nervous and scared. I can't help to think what tonight will bring. I walked quietly downstairs to see grandfather fully dressed in a suit of armor that I have never seen before, it was beautiful. It was scale mail for sure, but the scales were of a darker red and the metal holding it together shined off the candle light brightly. In his hand he carried a very large ax that also shined very brightly. It had an aurora coming off it, the beauty and the presence of it made it feel like it was another person in the room.
"Grandfather! What is this armor and ax you are carrying?? I have never seen such a thing before". Grandfather turned to me stunned by my presence, buckling the last of the straps around his armor and waist. " Javrith, I want you to stay here. You got that?". "Yes grandfather.." I said, "but where is it you are going? are you going to be alright?". "I'll be fine, don't you worry. I will have some company with me and will be back before the morning comes"
Just then there was a knock at the door. Grandfather marched over to the door and opened it. It was Fimble and 2 other men. Fimble was dressed in a very elegant looking cloak and held a rapier at his side. "I brought these 2 with me", said Fimble. The first man on the right stepped forward dressed in a chainmail suit and carrying a longsword at his side "I am Larad, and this is my friend Jeral. We are from the city of Calat. Pleasure to meet you Beluldar." "We were sent here by our Lord in response to the recent caravan attacks. We are to investigate what is happening and put an end to it.". " And put an end we shall to these murderous bandits, in the name of St. Ralimor." The second man said as he stepped forward and greeted his hand out to Beluldar. This man was dressed in chainmail also, but carried a mace to his side, and a white cape that carried over his massive shoulders and down his back, attached by a pin that carried some sort of symbol in the front.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Beluldar" said Jeral. Grandfather shook the man's hand and nodded his head at all three of them. "Shall we be off? Nightfall is coming soon, and I wouldn't want to risk giving Darcomas the chance to do anything." said Grandfather. "I suppose now's a better time than any time" said Fimble.
Grandfather turned to me and put his hand on my shoulder. "I do not want you to leave this house, do you understand Javrith??" said Grandfather in a stern voice. "Yes grandfather.." I replied back. "I will be back soon, and if anything should happen there are plenty of weapons in the back to defend yourself with.", "Now I must be off. Take care of the shop and do not worry Javrith, I will be back by morning.". Grandfather turned around and looked at the men. "Everybody Ready?". They all nodded their heads. Grandfather held his ax firmly and approached the door, opening it, and holding it for the other men before walking out last and closing the door behind him.

I was very frightened and curious now of Darcomas' intentions and threats. Two armored men were from sent from the city of Calat to investigate the recent happenings. Why did these men go with grandfather and Fimble to wherever it is they are going? Wondering of what's to come I made my way to the back room where the chests are. On my way in I looked up at that sword hanging on the wall. "Wow.. What tales could that sword tell?" I said to myself. "Weilding it's mighty blade in the face of a dragon, in the face of danger. Truly a sword meant for a great adventurer..". Quickly I shook the thought out of my head. Here I was standing the middle of a town not much bigger than a village. I would never see a dragon, and besides- they're just old legends and stories anyway. It's not like they're not real or anything. Wouldn't somebody notice them? I can't imagine such a creature.
I shook off the thought of the tales that I had heard and headed towards grandfather's chests. There was three of them, all very large sized. The two on the right were locked, but the very far left one was left unlocked. So I approached it and opened it. Inside there was pieces of leather armor with little spike studs all over it. Studded leather I thought to myself. I pulled the pieces out and set it on the ground. Under the armor lay a longsword in a sheath. I pulled the sword out from the sheath and took a look at it. It was a very well made longsword, infact it had something inscribed on it. I looked closer and it read: "Javrith". Javrith?! I thought to myself. Is this chest meant for me?
I pulled the sword out of the sheath, stood up, and started to swing the sword around in the air pretending I was in some sort of combat. The sword felt light weight yet sturdy. I stopped and ran my fingers along the tip carefully; it was very sharp too. I put the sword back in it's sheath and set it down ontop of the armor, heading back over to the chest. Inside the chest lay an amulet of a strange symbol. The material it was made of was a fine silver. I knew it was silver because I've worked with such a metal before on a rare order with grandfather once. I put the necklace on and looked in the chest some more. Inside all that was left were some gloves and boots. I took them out and began to try the armor on.
I took the chest piece to the studded leather and put it over my head. It was really thick and hard inside, a lot harder of a material than I had expected. It fit loosely but comfortable over my torso. Off the sides hung thick leather straps and loops. Next I took off my shoes and began to try on the studded leather leggings over my clothes. They too fit loose and comfortable. Around the waist of it was a thick leather belt going through loops of tough leather. There were also loops and leather straps on the sides too. I tightened the belt and took the straps from the torso piece and fit them accordingly with the loops on the leggings until they felt secure and tightened. I picked up the arm pieces and strapped them the same way I did with the torso and leggings, until they felt secure and tight. Next I kicked my shoes to the side and began putting the boots on. Surprisingly they fit perfectly. All that was left was the gloves and the sword. I put the gloves on and then took the sword, looking to my side to see how i could strap the sheath on. I couldn't find any place for it until I looked at the sword and realized that I had to put my belt through the loop in the back. "Argh" I stated to myself. I pulled my belt back and put the sheath in place. I was good to go for any battle.
I closed the chest, walked out to the main room near the door, and pulled my sword from it's sheath. I started to stab and swipe at the air. "Die Cursed Swine!", "whoosh, Woo, Cut, Step, Cut, Step- Stab". This was amazing! All the stories I've heard, all the times I dreamed I would hold a sword, and here I am now! " Swipe, Swipe, step back, swipe, move quickly to the side- stab". I was practicing ways of fighting with tactics. I remember a few years back a rather dashing adventurer carrying a very unique longsword came in requesting an order, and I eagerly asked him what the key to good sword play is. "You must respect the way how the sword stands and feels, and you must always look ahead and know your next step" "It is an art form, not just a killing tool." "You must gracefully weild it, and listen to the music it sings. It is your best friend, trust in it and it will never decieve you." he said. I always remembered those words. I knew the adventurer was an expert and very skilled with his sword. He walked with such confidence. Like he's slayed hundreds, maybe thousands of those dragon creatures!.. "Dragons.." I thought to myself. There I go again with those old legends..
An hour had passed since my grandfather left, I really hope he's alright. I walked over and sat down at the table, crossed my arms, and layed my head down. I closed my eyes and started to think of all the stories I've heard, imagining what it would be like to fight the beasts, the journey's into caves to look for treasure.. I sighed to myself and closed my eyes, dozing off and feeling sleep creeping on. It's getting late now, and darkness is well upon the night. I really hope grandfather is alright.. I really do..

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